Benefits offers many benefits, including the following:

Fast, easy & efficient publishing of content and data to mobile and web makes it easy to publish content to both mobile and web. Automated content builds generate styled content using responsive themes for display across the full range of mobile and desktop devices. Content updates are automatically and efficiently downloaded to mobile devices, with full off-line access for when connectivity is an issue. Content can be edited via Dropbox, or sourced from other systems as part of a fully automated content solution. provides flexible content access controls, which make it easy to manage access to content, and which can be integrated in with existing user authentication systems.

Improved app discoverability and reuse provides indexable app content capabilities out of the box. Indexable app content is a feature that allows app content to appear in Google and Bing search results. Matching results from the app’s content are included in the overall search results when a user searches from a mobile device. If the user has the app installed on the device they’re searching from, then opening the search result will open the app and navigate the user to the matching content in the app. When the user hasn’t yet installed the app, then the search result links to the same content displayed as web content in the browser, with a smart banner (see below), linking to the app’s entry in the appropriate app store, displayed at the top of the page. The smart banner makes it easy for the user to download and install the app.

Indexable app content smart banner

Indexable app content makes it easy for users to discover your app by searching for its content, and helps encourage app reuse once installed by navigating users to the app via search engine results, all of which can help deliver improved ROI on an app project.

Faster mobile app development times provides powerful software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android. The SDKs manage all the low-level details needed to download and cache content for the developer. The SDKs are low profile, meaning that they leverage many of the mechanisms already present on each platform for accessing and using content, and reduce the size of the API that a developer needs to learn before they start developing.

Reduced developer effort and cognitive load allows more time to be spent on an app’s important and core features, and overall enables shorter project cycles with quicker delivery times.

Reduced app release cycles

Locomote’s asset management features also reduce the time and effort spent customizing image assets to match multiple different display sizes, and remove the need for app maintenance releases due to the update and replacement of image assets.

Flexibile, extensible content management is a headless CMS which integrates well with other content sources to produce fully automated content generation workflows, feeding data and formatted content to mobile devices and the web.

Locomote’s Dropbox integration allows non-technical content producers to edit and manage content using tools that they are already familiar with.