Product is a headless CMS optimized for publishing content to mobile platforms.

It offers many unique features and benefits, not available from other products.

Benefits is designed to make publishing to mobile easy, and offers many unique benefits:

  • Fast, easy, efficient publishing of content and data to mobile and web.
  • Faster mobile app development times - better results with less effort.
  • Reduced number of app release cycles with remote asset management.
  • Improved app discoverability and reuse, and improved ROI, with indexable app content.
  • Flexibile, extensible content management that fits in easily with automated workflows.

See the benefits section for more details.

Features is designed by mobile developers, for mobile developers, and provides many unique features which aid and support development for mobile.

  • Publish to both web and mobile in the same step
  • Full offline access to mobile content
  • Headless CMS using git to manage content
  • Automatic content builds using Jekyll
  • Indexable app content
  • Dropbox integration
  • Automatic app image asset generation
  • Publish relational data to mobile
  • In-app purchase management
  • Flexible, extensible, fine-grained access controls

See the features section for more details.

Use cases supports many use cases related to publishing to mobile, including:

  • Documentation publishing to both web and mobile
  • Publishing report data to mobile
  • Management of large app asset bundles
  • Management of in-app purchasable content

See the use cases section for more details.