A CMS for mobile developers

Locomote.sh is a content management system designed by mobile developers, for mobile developers.

Locomote.sh is a headless CMS that uses git to manage content and Jekyll to generate published content from markdown source files.

Locomote.sh has full-featured, low-profile SDKs for iOS and Android which automatically manage the download and caching of content on to the device, and provide seamless access to content through standard platform APIs.

Locomote.sh aims to provide a better mobile experience for users through:

  • better content generation
  • more efficient and reliable delivery of content to the user’s device
  • and more flexible, fluid access to that content on the device

A CMS for publishing to web and mobile

Locomote.sh makes it simple to publish to both web and mobile in one easy step.

Locomote.sh supports indexable app content out of the box, allowing app contents to appear in Google and Bing search results, increasing visibility and reuse of your app.

An asset management system for mobile apps

Locomote.sh is a complete solution for app asset management, providing the following features:

  • Automatic generation of multi-resolution image catalogs from source images
  • Remote update of image assets packaged with an app
  • Distribution and management of digitial goods for in-app purchases

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