Locomote.sh is an open-source platform for building and publishing websites and progressive web apps (PWAs) with offline capabilities using a 100% JavaScript stack.


Offline capabilities allow a website or PWA to load pages, images and data even when the device being used has limited or no network connectivity. This allows PWAs to load reliably and without delay in all situations; and it allows websites to feel snappy and responsive by providing reduced page load times regardless of network conditions or server demand.

Locomote.sh makes it easy to build offline capable PWAs and websites using a content-driven approach.

Read more about offline capabilities here.


Progressive web apps (PWAs) are special web pages that can be saved to a user's home screen and which reproduce the look-and-feel, and many of the capabilities, of native mobile apps.

PWAs provide a lighter-weight, fully cross-platform alternative to traditional native apps, which are SEO friendly and have lower barriers to use.

Locomote.sh's build tools make it the ideal platform for building and hosting PWAs.

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Locomote.sh is a fully open-sourced platform, released under the Apache 2.0 OSS licence.

Full source code is available on accessed on GitHub..