Introduction to the platform



Locomote is a platform for building and publishing websites and progressive web apps (PWAs) with offline capabilities.

A website or PWA is offline capable if it is able to continue operating normally despite the absence of an internet connection. What this means in practice is that the page or app is able to load files and query for data even when no network connection is available.

Offline capabilities can be very useful on mobile devices with intermittent connectivity, but more generally such capabilities can be used to ensure quality of service (QoS) for websites through reduced page latency, improved page load times, and reduced network traffic.

In addition, Locomote simplifies the PWA development process by providing tools which automate asset production and which support local testing of the PWA prior to deployment. makes it trivially easy to build and publish websites and PWAs with offline capabilities.

What is it?

The platform is composed of a content management system (CMS) backend, a standard service worker implementation and client libraries that run in the browser, and developer build tools that can be used to build, test and publish content via the CMS.

What are the benefits? offers a number of benefits to website and PWA developers.

  • Locomote's build tools provide a simple to use development and testing workflow that allows rapid test and debug of website layouts and app code.
  • The build tools make it easy to generate all the images, manifests and other assets needed when publishing a PWA.
  • The build tools tools allow website content and PWA updates to be deployed and published from the command line.
  • Locomote's Query API provides a standard interface for querying data that is available both online and offline and which works across all service worker states, as well as being fully backwards compatible with older browsers.

How do I get it? provides a fully-hosted service for building and publishing websites and PWAs.

The service is currently still in development, but free to use accounts are available here.

All the Locomote components are open sourced under the Apache 2.0 OSS licence, and are available on GitHub.

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